ATLAH Hate Church Going Up For Sale

 The pastor may loose his church to a foreclosure auction because of unpaid debts, court documents show.

In some news out of New York that will get your weekend off to a great start, the Harlem based ATLAH World Church of hate pastor James David Manning has been ordered by a New York state judge to go up for public auction because of unpaid debts totaling  $1.02 million.

According to DNAInfo, the public foreclosure auction will be taking place on February 24, for those of you in the New York area wanting to gleefully celebrate the occasion..

The frequent Shut Up Fool Award nominee has let loose with SUF award worthy commentary over the years by claiming that Starbucks laces its lattes with ‘sodomite semen’, and let fly the comment that Justin Bieber is a ‘transgender man’ among the other hate gems he has unleashed on his YouTube channel

Well, instead of making YouTube videos, he should have been working on paying the bills to keep his hate church open.   He has nine federal tax liens dating back to 2002 totaling $355,000, owes New York state $28,000 and creditors $30,000.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer christobigot.   I would love to see the karmic justice of someone buying that hate church and turning it into an LGBT center.

But have February 24 circled on my calendar to see what happens.

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