Atherton HS Gender Identity Inclusive Nondiscrimination Policy Still Stands

Back in May Atherton High School’s site Based Decision Making Committee added gender identity to the school’s non discrimination policy.

Because the policy allows trans students to use the restroom based on their gender identity and presentation, predictably the local haters in Da Ville went to work trying to overturn it.

After failing at the Atherton SBDM Committee level to do so it went to a JCPS  appeal board hearing.

The SBDM Appeal Board was comprised of four teachers selected by the union, two parents selected by the PTSA and one principal selected by the
Administrators Association.

There’s good news to report.  By a 6-1 vote the appeal to rescind Atherton’s addition of gender identity to their non-discrimination policy was defeated!  

As for the breakdown on the vote, the four teachers and the two parents voted
to deny the appeal with the principal from Central High School voting for it.

So happy to hear that.   It’s a big win not only for the gender variant students that attend Atherton but all students on the campus..

Okay JCPS School Board, now it’s time for you to handle the business you should have handled back in 2007 and pass a district wide addition to your non-discrimination policy that includes gender identity

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