Astros Are American League Champions!

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I was one of the longtime Astros fans who was not happy when the team was forced to move to the American League starting with the 2013 season as a condition for their sale to current owner Jim Crane.

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After enduring a 100 loss season in their first year, and going 70-92 in 2014, the Astros thanks those those three consecutive 100 loss seasons were stockpiling draft picks and signing players like carlos Correia, Jose Altuve, the Astros surprised us with a playoff run that ended with a loss in the 2015 ALCS to the Kansas City Royals.

Image result for Evil Baseball empireThis 2017 season has been a dream one for Astros fans.   Winning the AL West title for the first time.  Winning 101 games, and knocking off the Boston Red Sox in the ALDS and the New York Skankees Yankees in the ALCS to become the first modern day MLB team to win the National and American League pennant.

As an Astros fan, winning our first American League title against the Yankees was especially satisfying after all the smack they talked when they were playing the middle three games of the ALCS in New York and grabbed a 3-2 series lead after being silent when we were spanking that azz in Houston.

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The Evil Baseball Empire has been beaten in 7 ALCS games.   May The Force be with the Astros.   

As I love to say, the best Yankees fans are silent ones.   How you like us now New York? 

Image result for Dodgers win 2017 NLCSNow that we have vanquished the Evil Baseball Empire, the American League champions can now turn their attention to battling an old NL West foe in the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2017 World Series.

The Dodgers won 105 games and sent the Washington Nationals and defending MLB champion Chicago Cubs to the sidelines enroute to capturing their first National League pennant since 1988.

From 1969 -1994 the Astros played in the NL West division with them until the move to the NL Central as a result of baseball expansion that added the Colorado Rockies, Miami Marlins, Arizona Diamondbacks and the AL’s Tampa Bay Rays to the league.

During that time there was no love lost between the Astros and Dodgers.  We won a one game playoff in 1980 to capture our first NL West crown, and lost to them in the NLDS in the strike shortened 1981 season   

So it won’t take us long to get our hate on for the Dodgers.   Hopefully the Astros bats have finally awakened from their near fatal nap in New York and they can make the bold Sports Illustrated cover predicting their World Series triumph this season become a reality

We long suffering Houston sports fans would sure love for that to happen.

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We’ll find out if it does starting Tuesday in Los Angeles when they kick off Game 1 of the 2017 World Series at Dodger Stadium.

Beat LA!  Beat LA!

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