Arrests Made In The Murder Of Agnes Torres Hernandez

Was happy to hear that arrests have been made in the case of murdered Mexican trans activist Agnes Torres Hernandez.

According to xQsi Magazine blog Luis Fernando Bravo, Agustín Flores,  Marco Antonio Especie, and Agnes’ most recent partner Jorge Flores have all been arrested and charged by the Puebla state attorney general with her murder.  A fifth suspect that is believed to be a minor has yet to be named.

xQsi Magazine in the same post had information about Agnes Torres Sulca, another Mexican trans activist based in the Yucatan area who was murdered March 10.  Based on information gathered by authorities investigating her killing, 18 year old Luis Fernando Bueno Mazzoco was arrested in Merida.  He confirmed his participation in the murder of Torres Sulca which has also drawn international outrage and condemnation.

Here’s hoping the Mexican justice system gives these perpetrators the punishment they all deserve for taking the lives of these courageous women. 


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