Argentina Gender Identity Law Advancing In Senate

I’ve been keeping up with the Argentine legislature’s attempt to pass the groundbreaking Gender Identity Law that would make it easier for its trans citizens to change names and gender codes on their identity documents without surgical intervention.

Here’s the great updated news about how that is progressing for our Argentine trans cousins.   According to Blabbeando the Gender Identity Law is now in the Argentine senate.  

It passed a Senate committee with the identical language from the one passed in the Argentine Chamber of Deputies by a lopsided 167-17 margin.   It is scheduled to hit the Argentine Senate floor for debate on May 9 and if it passes, President Kirchner has indicated she will sign it into law when it hits her desk.

Wow.  More groundbreaking trans positive bills from a Latin American national legislature on the verge of becoming law. 

It leads me to ask the question when am I going to see the same trans positive law coming from my own national legislature?

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