Aretha Franklin Homegoing Service

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“Aretha’s singing challenged the dangling discords of hate and lies and racism and injustice. Her singing was revelation and was revolution.”
-Rev Dr. William J. Barber II 

There has been a lot of online chatter about how problematic the nine hour homegoing service of the Queen of Soul was.

Soe peeps justifiable are dragging the Rev Jasper Williams for filth for his jacked up single mother bashing eulogy.    He forgot that the woman he was eulogizing was a single mother.

Fox Noise also stuck their vanillacentric privileged noses in this mess by cosigning Williams’ sermon as ‘a message the Black community needed to hear” while disingenuously whining that the funeral was ‘too political’ when Dolt 45 got called out. . 

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Others are complaining about Bishop Charles Ellis III, the pastor who was inappropriately laying a hand on Ariana Grande’s boobie while telling a cringe worthy joke.

Black church folk, it is NOT appropriate for your pastor (or the deacons) to fondle any woman while she is standing in the pulpit or anywhere on church property.

And how she is dressed is no justification for excusing the pastor’s reprehensible behavior

Speaking of how people were dressed, you have people who are castigating and defending on the Net the black dress that Ariana Grande wore for her performance during the funeral.

No matter what your opinion, she did look good in it.

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Some peeps are arguing that the twentysomething singer should have ‘dressed appropriately’ for the occasion.  Others are pissed that slut shaming comments are being made about her by folks trying to defend Bishop Ellis. 

Don’t you just love Black funerals?

Anyway, for those of you like myself who didn’t get to see it in its entirety, here’s the video of it.

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