Are You Going To Be A Human Rights Hero Or Zero?

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing, crowd and outdoorOver my lifetime I’ve heard people talk about the 60’s, the wide range of protests that were happening at the time from the African-American Civil Rights movement to the Vietnam War to Stonewall, and wonder what they would have done if they had been alive or old enough to act during that time period of protests.

We are now in a moment in which you will be in a real time situation to put up or shut up about where you stand in times of challenge or controversy like the 60’s were.   This Trump mispresidency is one of those times, with its daily outrages and attacks on human rights.

This is a moment that will be recorded in the history books for future historians to peruse and debate, and also a moment in which your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews will ask what did you do to resist the Trump regime?

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In the last week I’ve participated in more protests than I have in the last eight years of the Obama Administration combined, and have a feeling because of this unjust fueled by racist ignorance administration there will be more of those in my future.

This is your time to decide whether you will be a human rights hero defending our constitution or be a human rights zero that silently sits on the sidelines and allows the Trumpistas to trample on the Constitution and our human rights

So I ask you again.  Are you going to be a human rights hero or human rights zero?

Choose wisely, because the fate of the United States depends on your answer.

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