TransGriot, LLC, a media platform centering the voices and experiences of trans people of color, builds from the legacy of Monica Roberts, renowned journalist and activist. We take our name from Monica’s award-winning blog, which chronicled the triumphs and struggles of trans people and the vibrancy of our everyday lives. As we build this next stage for TransGriot, we’re looking for new members of our team. 

Our work centers trans voices, and we aim to highlight the diversity and complexity of trans experiences. We welcome writers who speak thoughtfully on the ways trans experience intersects with other dimensions of our lives–such as health care, community, disability, social class, migration, and racial and ethnic identities. 

We’re currently seeking to fill five positions:


This writer will provide one (~500 word) article every other week, covering political developments affecting trans lives. We aim to cover trans life in all its fullness, which means you’re not just focusing on legislation targeting trans people, but can consider any political events that shape how we live and build communities.


This writer will provide one (~500 word) article every other week covering historical events affecting trans people or major figures in trans history. You might do this through research, interviews, profiles, or any mix of genres. 


This writer will cover pop culture news, focusing specifically on trans and gender-expansive representation. You might write reviews of books, movies, and television shows and cover news about awards shows and actors. We invite you to bring your imagination and interests to your coverage.


This writer will provide one (~500 word) article every other week, covering major events in sports. Articles do not have to focus exclusively on trans topics and athletes, but the writer will be expected to cover major news regarding trans athletes. We invite you to focus on the sports that interest you, though hope that you’ll provide broad coverage.


This writer will cover the weekly “Shut Up, Fool” Award, selecting a fool of the week to feature in a brief (~500 word) column that describes their acts of foolishness that deserve a major callout. Past awards have gone to Kellyanne Conway for claiming that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would oppose the Trump impeachment trial; and Ohio State Rep Candice Keller who blamed mass shootings on the “breakdown of the American family” caused by trans people and drag queens. See more examples from the TransGriot archives. *Please note that this is the only position with a weekly deliverable.*

All writers will be paid $25 per 500-word article

The deadline for applications is Monday, June 26th.

The position will begin in July, 2023.

Those interested should submit:

  • A brief (<1 page) cover letter describing the position you’re interested in and what sorts of topics you’d like to focus on. 
  • 2-3 writing samples (500-1,000 words apiece). They should be essayistic in nature, ideally covering something similar to the topic you’d like to write on, but we’ll take anything you think best showcases your writing style.
  • In the body of the email, please include any social media links or links to personal webpages that you would like to share

To apply: Email all files as separate attachments to

Trans and gender expansive people of color are especially encouraged to apply.