Anytime, SaHHara!

When I write these posts or start commenting about some injustice aimed at the trans community, sometimes you never know if the person or persons you’re busy advocating for are reading them..

Earlier today I received a lovely e-mail from SaHHara thanking me for the message I’d left on her Facebook page and the private one I sent her after I put the Thai based Miss International Queen pageant system on blast for what appears to bea pattern of bigotryagainst contestants from the African Diaspora and the shady conclusion to this year’s event.

I was in a less than chipper mood when I woke up this morning, and seeing her message jolted me out of the funk I’d been and made me smile.  She also thanked me for my efforts on behalf of the international trans community and expressed told me how much she loved the blog.

I thanked her for her kind words and extended her an invitation to write a guest post from her perspective about what it’s like to be an African descended trans person in London. 

Looking forward to hearing from her, and I’m also looking forward to continuing our conversations and getting to know her. 

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