Another Unexpected Honor

There are days that happen in which you receive a blessing that you have absolutely no clue is coming your way.

I was just alerted moments ago that I have received a 2012 G.M.A.D. Black Pride Heritage Award in the Literary Excellence category.   The awards will be given out in a ceremony that will take place August 15 at the Schomburg Center for Research In Black Culture in New York

I also note that Tona Brown was given the 2012 Marsha P. Johnson Award by G.M.A.D. as well.   Congratulations sis!

Wow.   I’m honored that this has happened.for me.   All I wanted to do when I started TransGriot six years ago was ensure that the voices of African-American transpeople were not only represented in the blogosphere, point out we Black transpeople are part of the kente cloth fabric of our community, transpeople exist across the African Diaspora and on the second largest continent on the planet . 

I also sought to obliterate the negative perceptions and ignorance that were being put out there about us and tell it like it T-I-S is about the issues that affected African-American transpeople and other trans people of color.

I also wanted to write a quality blog, document our history and talk about many of the issues inside and outside our community as I saw them.   Six years and almost 4 million hits later this blog has grown to be an internationally read one and I’m regarded as one of the national leaders in this community.

So thank you G.M.A.D. for the Literary Excellence Award. 

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