Another Trans Woman Beaten In New York City

Anti-Transgender Violence How Hate-Crime Laws Have FailedBack in October a trans woman was attacked by four men in Brooklyn.  She survived the assault, but may have been left with permanent brain damage.

Meanwhile, the perpetrators o the Islan Nettles assault that led to her death are still walking the streets of New York City, with a DA that has been reluctant to bring that perpetrator to justice.

And now comes word of another trans woman that has been attacked on the mean trans streets of New York City.

It happened January 18 in the Bronx’s University Heights neighborhood at the corner of Davidson and W 192nd Streets.   Jocelyn Diaz was approached by a man in a group asking her for a cigarette before
attacking her with a bat and using derogatory slurs about her gender.  
She ended up with a broken arm in the attack.

The streets of New York are not safe for trans New Yorkers, and especially trans New Yorkers of color.. New York State has not passed GENDA and added
gender identity in the hate crimes laws, and neither have they thrown the legal book at the waste of DNA who killed Islan Nettles.   

By failing to do those simple things, you have sent the message for those who wish to do harm to us it’s okay to do so.with impunity and you’ll look the other way.

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