Annoy The GOP-Use Facts And Logic

Another graphic floating around the Net that is so dead on target in describing the unwashed masses of Republifools.  Your defense against the Fox Noise talking point spewing
sheeple is burying their bull feces in an avalanche of facts and logic.

Seems like they have an aversion to facts and logic.   Just look at the 2012 Texas Republican Party platform with the plank in it that opposes teaching kids how to critically think.

That way they have good little conservafools and avoid the embarrassing situations of promoting little Jonathan Krohn’s as the future of their movement and giving them CPAC speaking spots, only to see them three years later renounce conservatism after they turn off the conservative talk radio and begin to think for themselves.

Why are Republifools so averse to facts and logic?   Time for Moni to school y’all, so grab a chair.

Bottom line is that conservafools know that their political theory is designed to buttress white supremacy,  keep the superrich 1% paying as little in taxes as possible, destroy the New Deal, and return this country to the Robber Baron age of unfetter laissez-faire capitalism.

They need easily bamboozled people that will believe their conservamedia lies that it’s the Black president’s fault that their jobs went overseas.  The reality is that it’s the so called ‘job creators’ who look like them that are closing down their plants.

The vulture capitalists offshore their manufacturing jobs to China and India, make mad loot as they do so and laugh all the way to Cayman Islands and Bermuda banks to deposit it.

They chuckle in their quiet rooms about how stupid the white working class conservafool voters are to continue a 150 year pattern of voting for economic policies that don’t benefit them in the name of vanillacentric ethnic solidarity . .

Conservatism carries the stench of vanillacentric privilege and oppresses people of color.   If you think that I’m being harsh about that conservaracism point, then explain the voter suppression laws that conveniently sprang up in the wake of the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, the anti-immigration Juan Crow laws, or the rise of the Tea Klux Klan.

Racism=prejudice plus power, and the fact that 2040 and your minority status is rapidly approaching means that you conservafools are in panic mode to delay the inevitable.  Instead of pushing to mess with the Voting Rights Act and repeal affirmative action laws you better keep them in place for your grandkids and great grandkids.   

And let’s be real for a moment.  If conservatism were so superior to liberalism, they why the need for Orwellian laws when you conservafools get into power, the outright distortions and lies by GOP politicians, voter suppression of non-whites, the hermetically sealed conervamedia environment, the hive mind conservamentality and the reluctance to have honest open debate with liberals in which we compare and contrast our visions for the America we wish to create?

You conservafools already know the answer to that question.  Your vision of trickle down economics and vulture capitalism doesn’t work for the vast majority of the country and doesn’t stand up to facts and rigorous scrutiny.   If conservatism benefited people of color, you’d have far more Black people at your Republican conventions than the 36 total you had in 2008.    It’ll be interesting to see how many show up in Tampa.

But conservatism fails to lift people out of poverty because of your hatred of poor people and the government intervention and policies it will require to tackle the systemic economic inequality issues that cause poverty in our country.   All the GOP does is talk.  The Democrats since FDR have acted.   

That’s why you conservafools must have a 24 hour propaganda network and loud talk
radio Noise Machine to distract people from the facts and logic that conservatism is a racist, failed political and economic system.

So liberal progressives and Democrats, annoy a conservafool in your family and a GOP politician near you.   Continue to use facts and logic to blow up their talking points and lies.

And if you are a conservafool who really believes if you cut taxes for the wealthy it’ll magically jump start the economy, I have some Louisiana waterfront property between Lafayette and Baton Rouge along I-10 to sell you in the Atchafalaya Swamp.

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