An Anti-Roy Moore Ad From A Surprising Source

On December 12 the voters of Alabama will head to the polls to choose their next senator.

They have a choice between Democrat Doug Jones, who prosecuted the Klansmen that bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church back in 1963, or moral degenerate Ry Moore, who seems to think that the only suitable girl to date is under age 18 along with other reprehensible back to the 18th century policy positions .

An ad recently started appearing in the state entitled ‘Good Christians’ which sounds like every other conservabuzzword filled Republican ad you’ve ever heard, buy comes from a surprising source: 

The Log Cabin Republicans. 

While I’ve never been a fan of this group and have more than a few archived posts relentlessly mocking them and calling them out on their sellout behavior, have got to give them their props for this ad. 

Seems like they just as horrified as the rest of reality based America about Roy Moore becoming a US senator, and decided to do something about it. 

Check out this broken clock moment ad from the Log Cabin Republicans


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