Alrashim Chambers Trial-Foster Testifies

The murder trial of Alrashim Chambers, the accused killer of Victoria Carmen White continued in dramatic fashion on Thursday in the Essex County courthouse in Newark, NJ.

The prosecution brought their star witness to the stand in Marquise Foster, who testified in graphic detail that after both had sexual encounters with Carmen White, Chambers came to believe she was trans, pulled out a pearl handled gun and pointed it at White as she raised her hands and backed away.

Foster’s testimony came a day after Carmen’s cousin Sharon White and Natasha Wray gave their testimony about the events that unfolded on that fateful September 2010 night.

After Chambers asked ‘You a dude?’ according to Foster, Chambers fired three shots at Ms. White who was later pronounced dead at the scene.     

“He said he couldn’t live with nobody saying he slept with a man,” Foster told Essex County Assistant Prosecutor Eileen O’Connor on direct examination.  

As the two men drove off after the shooting, Foster recalled, Chambers kept saying, “ ‘My bad.’ … He was apologetic.”

‘My bad’ doesn’t bring Victoria Carmen White back, you pathetic waste of DNA.  All you and Foster had to do was get the hell up and leave the apartment.  If you’d done so your transphobic azz wouldn’t be facing life in prison now where you’ll be sleeping with hardcore dudes for real if you’re convicted. 

Neither will they be saying please and thank you when they toss your salad.


Ahem, back to the post. 

Foster’s testimony was given in front of a large Essex County courtroom crowd comprised of family members and supporters from both sides of the case and fortified by beefed up security.

Defense attorney Bukie Adetula is trying to paint Foster as the shooter and for some reason was fixated on the amorous events of the evening. 

Under cross examination Foster admitted he had a sexual encounter that evening with Carmen White in the living room moments after Chambers did despite White initially rebuffing his advances.  “I thought the person was attractive. I thought she was nice-looking,” Foster said of White, adding he never questioned whether she was a woman like Chambers did.

Is Adetula trying to lay the groundwork for a ‘trans panic’ defense?  

The trial resumes tomorrow with the defense presenting their case after police investigators and forensics experts take the witness stand.

Will keep you posted. 

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