Alrashim Chambers Murder Trial Update

Alrashim Chambers is the alleged killer of transwoman Victoria Carmen White. His murder trial started in Newarkironically on April 30, the day that Victoria Carmen White would have been celebrating her 30th birthday.

It has been chugging along in the Essex County Courthouse while the eyes of the trans community were fixed on the CeCe McDonald trial happening in Minneapolis that started the same day and others were mourning the murders of Paige Clay in Chicago and Brandy Martell in Oakland.. 

To bring y’all up to speed on the story of Victoria Carmen White, the 28 year Maplewood, NJ model met Chambers at a nightclub in Irvington, NJ while on a girls night out with her cousin Sharon White and Natasha Wray in September 2010. 

They returned to Sharon White’s Maplewood apartment and when Chambers discovered she was trans he shot her multiple times.  Carmen White was pronounced dead at the scene and Chambers was arrested a month later along with Marquise Foster.  

Chambers was arraigned back in July 2011 on murder and bias intimidation charges and is facing in prison if justice is served in this case.  Foster was also indicted for murder but plead guilty to a lesser sentence in exchange for his testimony against Chambers..

Carmen’s cousin Sharon White and Natasha Wray were in the apartment’s bathroom at the time of the murder and testified Tuesdayon behalf of the prosecution     Ms. White and Ms. Wray both testified that Chambers was kissing Carmen White and went to the bathroom to give the couple some privacy.   Foster was on his phone at the time.

When the bathroom door briefly swung open at one point, the women saw Carmen White leaning against Chambers, with her shirt partially pulled up.

“I yelled to my cousin, was she good,” Sharon White testified. “She said she was ok.”

Minutes later, the party turned deadly when Sharon White and Wray both testified they heard a man yell: “You a dude?” followed by three gunshots.

The bathroom door was closed at that moment so neither Sharon White or Wray could tell who fired the shots. They also couldn’t ascertain who uttered the statement, the tone of which sounded like “a question, with anger,” as Sharon White put it.

In his previous statement to police, Marquise Foster said he and Chambers both had sexual encounters with Carmen White during those few minutes when the women were in the bathroom, but that only the defendant suspected she was a trans woman.

The trial continues with Sharon White and Natasha Wray’s testimony, and as I hear the updates from it, I’ll pass them on to you TransGriot readers.

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