Air Force Academy Superintendent Calls Out Racism On AFA Campus

Lt Gen Jay Silveria

“There is absolutely no place in our Air Force for racism. It’s not who we are, nor will we tolerate it in any shape or fashion. The Air Force strives to create a climate of dignity and respect for all. Period.”-Lt Gen Jay Silveria 
The US Air Force Academy is located in Colorado Springs, CO, the same city that is the headquarters of the nefarious right wing group Focus on the Family. 

A photo of U.S. Airforce Academy Cadets walking towards a college football field before a game.

Been hearing some disturbing stories over the last few years about faith based infiltration of the AFA  and the Air Force to the point that there’s a derisive joke that states ‘What Would Jesus Bomb? 

Like everywhere else in the country, the hatred has gone off the chain since Trump’s election, and on Monday, hate messages with ”go home n*****s’ were discovered scrawled on the whiteboards of five Black cadets at the AFA Preparatory School 

Lt. Gen Jay Silveria, the superintendent of the US Air Force Academy, addressed thousands of students about the attack, and this is the response 45 should have had in the aftermath of Charlottesville instead of coddling the Nazis.

Bravo, Lt. Gen. Silveria.  This is what leadership looks like.

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