#SayHerName Aidelen Evans

On March 18th the remains of an unidentified body were found in Port Arthur canal as of March 26th those remains have been identified as a person out of Beaumont that is known as Aidelen Evans. Evans identified as a Black trans woman that stood 5 foot 9 inches and weighed 105 pounds.

Detectives out of BEAUMONT, Texas are presently looking for answers after a phone call to the Port Arthur Police Department on March 18 led to the discovery of Evans (then unidentified remains. Evans was found in a canal that runs adjacent to Motiva Property in the 3700 block of Savannah Ave.


Now that she has been identified Port Arthur detectives are reaching out to the community to find out if anyone knows any information about Evans, such as “Evans” last whereabouts or who she may have been last seen with.” If you saw her at any time on or around March 18th please know any information is better than no information! 

Evans was last known to be a frequent visitor, out of Beaumont and in the area of College Street and 4th Street.


Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Port Arthur Police Department at 409-983-8600. 


Sadly this link will lead you to an article in which Aidelen was misgendered and deadnamed although they clearly knew she identified as a trans woman. 


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