6.5 Million Hits!

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As of 11:37 PM CST on January 7, I had the 6.5 millionth visitor surf by and peruse my blog in its 11th year of unapologetic truth telling.

It was helped along by my post discussing the SB 6 press conference unexpectedly going viral and sadly, two memorial posts for our first two trans murder victims of 2017.

I also find it apropos that it happened mere days after I passed my January 1 blogiversary.

Once again, I thank you longtime and new TransGriot readers who surf by and read the current and archived posts I have here. 2017 is probably going to be a busy year for me personally and writing wise, and I thank everyone for their kind words and letting me know how much this blog means to them.

On to the next milestone of 7 million hits!

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