4th Anniversary Of Angie Zapata’s Murder

Four years ago today we were beginning to hear the story about a young Latina transwoman who was found dead in her Greeley, CO apartment and how a reporter initially got the pronouns wrong.

Her name was Angie Zapata.    

She’s no longer with us, and the waste of DNA who took her life was convicted and is still getting ‘three hots and a cot’ in a Colorado prison.   The national media that descended upon Greeley for the trial has long since dispersed to cover other issues.

But we can’t forget Angie.   We know her family and those who loved her won’t.   But the rest of us in the rainbow community cannot forget there is a War on Transwomen, especially in light of the fact there have been more Latina and African-American transwomen who have lost their lives to anti-trans violence. 

Angie’s case was solved and Allen Andrade is doing jail time for it.   But another murder of young trans women is approaching its ten year anniversary next month and crying out for resolution in the persons of Stephanie Thomas and Ukea Davis in Washington DC.    The Chicago po-po’s have been glacially slow in trying to apprehend Paige Clay’s killers.  

And another November 20 Transgender Day of Remembrance is rapidly approaching.

But today is about remembering what happened to Angie and how her life tragically ended before she even had an opportunity to begin living it.  

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