2019 TransGriot NFL Picks -Week 2

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The 2019 NFL season is underway, and so is the season long prognostication contest between myself and Mr. Watts.   We’re still deadlocked after i got the Bills-Jets game right and he got the Buccaneers- 49ers one correct.

And ugh, one I came 2 seconds from getting wrong was the Saints-Texans one.  A 58 yard game winning field goal saved that pick because you don’t go against the Saints when they are playing in the Superdome. 

And yeah, Saints fans are still majorly pissed about the call in the NFC Championship Game eight months ago that cost them a trip to the Super Bowl

Gotta shake it off because there are 16 more games to pick this week and I need to build on the nice Week 1 start.    Speaking of good starts, there are a few NFL teams that will be like my Texans fighting for their first win of the young NFL season so they don’t fall into an 0-2 hole.

My picks will be in bold red print with the HOME team in all CAPS.   Mike’s picks will be at this link for you to peruse.

Week 1 Results                                              2019 Season Record 

TransGriot   10-5-1                                         TransGriot  10-5-1

Mike            10-5-1                                         Mike           10-5-1

Thursday Night Game

PANTHERS over Buccaneers

Sunday Early Games 

TEXANS over Jaguars

RAVENS over Cardinals

Cowboysover WASHINGTON

TITANS over Colts

Seahawks over STEELERS

GIANTS over Bills

BENGALS over 49ers

Chargers over LIONS

PACKERS over Vikings

Patriots over DOLPHINS

Sunday Afternoon Games

Chiefs over RAIDERS

Saints over RAMS

Bears over BRONCOS

Sunday Night Game

Eagles over FALCONS

Monday Night Game

Browns over JETS

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