2018 US Trans Murders- Updated List

Here’s hoping that 2018 comes to an end at 11:59 PM on December 31 with no more addition to this list that has been compiled from January 1-December 31. 

We needed a list in which we actually counted people killed during a calendar year from January 1 to December 31 and not from TDOR to the next TDOR.

And here we are.   24 lives needlessly snuffed out before they could reach their full potential  It’s past time for one of these murderers of trans people to get the death penalty for doing so.

As long as they feel they’ll get a slap on the wrist or nobody will care about a dead trans person , they’ll keep doing it.   I do, because trans lives matter.just as much as you cis ones to all who loved the people who have prematurely joined the ancestors

2018 US Trans MurdersChrista Lee Steele-Knudslien, 47, North Adams, MAVickky Gutierrez, 38, Los Angeles, CAZakaria Fry, 28,  Albuquerque, NMCeline Walker, 38,  Jacksonville, FLTonya Harvey, 35, Buffalo, NY

Phylicia Mitchell, 45, Cleveland, OHAmia Tyrae Berryman, 28, Baton Rouge, LASasha Wall, 29, Chesterfield County, SC  Carla Patricia Flores-Pavon, 26, Dallas, TXNino Fortson, 36, Atlanta, GAGigi Pierce, 28,  Portland, ORAntasha English, 38, Jacksonville, FLDiamond Stephens, 39, Meridian, MS

Catalina Christina James, 24, Jacksonville, FLKeisha James, 58, Cleveland, OHSasha Garden, 27, Orlando, FLVontashia Bell, 18, Shreveport, LADejanay Stanton, 24, Chicago, ILShantee Tucker, 30, Philadelphia, PALondonn Moore Kinard, 20, North Port, FLNikki Janelle Enriquez, 28, Laredo, TXCiara Minaj Carter Frazier, 31, Chicago, ILTydie Dansbury, 37, Baltimore, MDKeanna Mattel,(Kelly Stough)  35, Detroit, MI2018 Trans Murders Stats BreakdownFemale 23-Male/GNC 1)By RaceWhite-3   (3 female-0 male)Latina-3   (3 female-0 male)Black -18  (17 female-1 male/GNC)Asian- 0Native American- 0

By Age

50+  140-49  2

30-39  1020-29  1010-19- 1

May they all rest in power in peace, and may the wastes of DNA who took their lives be caught, prosecuted and and incarcerated . . 

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