2018 GLBT Caucus Endorsement Meeting

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As a proud member of the Houston GLBT Caucus, spent the day at the 2018 Houston GLBT Caucus Endorsement Meeting that started at 11 AM CSI and ended at 5 PM.

It was a packed house at St Stephen’s Episcopal Church for much of the day as candidates were there to compete for one of the Houston Big Four political endorsements for liberal-progressive candidates. 

It was contentious at times, and some results i questioned along with others in the room,  but in the end the Caucus  endorsement process worked.

Congrats to the folks who received their endorsement! .

Democratic Primary

U.S. Senator – Beto O’Rourke
U.S. Congressional District #2 – Todd Litton
U.S. Congressional District #7 – No endorsement
U.S. Congressional District #10 – Madeline K. Eden
U.S. Congressional District #14 – Adrienne Bell
U.S. Congressional District #18 – Sheila Jackson Lee
U.S. Congressional District #22 – Sri Preston Kulkarni
U.S. Congressional District #29 – Sylvia R. Garcia
U.S. Congressional District #36 – Dayna Steele
Governor – Andrew White
Lieutenant Governor – Mike Collier
GLO Commissioner – Tex Morgan
State Board of Education #4 – Steven A. Chambers
TX State Senate #15 – John Whitmire
TX State Senate #17 – Fran Watson
TX State House #27 – Ron Reynolds
TX State House #28 – Meghan Scoggins
TX State House #29 – Dylan Forbis
TX State House #126 – Natali Hurtado
TX State House #133 – Sandra G. Moore
TX State House #134 – Allison Sawyer
TX State House #138 – Adam Milasincic
TX State House #139 – Randy Bates
TX State House #142 – Harold V. Dutton Jr.
TX State House #146 – Shawn Nicole Thierry
TX State House #147 – Garnet Coleman
TX 14th Court of Appeals, #3 – Jerry Zimmerer
TX 14th Court of Appeals, #8 – Margaret “Meg” Poissant
55th Civil District Court – Paul Simon
113th Civil District Court – Rabeea Collier
185th Civil District Court – Jason Luong
188th Civil District Court – Scot “Dolli” Dollinger
234th Civil District Court – Lauren Reeder
269th Civil District Court – Cory Sepolio
281st Civil District Court – George Arnold
246th Family District Court – Angela Graves-Harrington
280th Family District Court – Barbara J. Stalder
309th Family District Court – Linda Marie Dunson
313th Family District Court – Natalia Oakes
County Criminal Court #2 – Harold J. Landreneau
County Criminal Court #5 – David M. Fleischer
County Criminal Court #7 – Andrew A. Wright
County Criminal Court #11 – Gus Saper
County Criminal Court #12 – Juan J. Aguirre
County Criminal Court #13 – Raul Rodriguez
County Criminal Court #15 – Kris Ougrah
County Probate Court #2 – Jim L. Peacock
County Probate Court #4 – Michael Galligan
County Civil Court at Law #2 – Jim Kovach
Harris County District Clerk – Marilyn Burgess
Harris County Clerk – Diane Trautman
County Treasurer – Dylan Osborne
Harris County Commissioner #2 – Adrian Garcia
Harris County Commissioner #4 – Penny Shaw
Harris County Justice of the Peace Pr 3, #2 – Don Coffey
Harris County Justice of the Peace Pr 7, #2 – Audrie Lawton
County School Trustee At Large #3 – Elvonte Patton
County School Trustee Pos 6, Pct 1 – Danyahel (Danny) Norris

Republican Primary

U.S. Senator – Mary Miller

Now go handle your business and vote for them in the upcoming Texas primary elections February 20-March 2 (Early Voting) or on March 6  (Election Day) 

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