2016 Transgender Day Of Resources & Healthy Living This Saturday

One of the things that is a problem for many trans folks is not only getting affordable regular medical care, but medical care that is culturally competent.

It was a void that Dee Dee Watters and Transgender Women of Color United for Change (TWCUC) sought to address with the inaugural event in November 2014 that not only was a success with over 100 attendees, it probably saved my life.

While killing time waiting for a panel to start, I decided since I’d been through some extremely stressful drama with a family member to give the TSU medical students a little practice in checking blood pressure.  I hadn’t been to the doctor on a regular basis in several years, and when those smiling students put the cuff on me, I discovered that my blood pressure was highly elevated enough to where if it had gone unchecked, it could have produced a stroke.

Stroke is what killed my father in 2013, and it alarmed me to the point that I started making arrangements over the next few weeks to go back to the doctor on a regular basis, get back on my hormones, and drop some weight since I was tipping the scales at 275 pounds at the time and unhappy about it.   I was also close to being in Type II diabetes territory, and wanted no part of that either. .

I’ve dropped 40 pounds since then, clear of the Type II diabetic zone, and shooting to drop another 20 pounds and keep it off.  I’m also happier since I’m back on my hormones now.

It’s why I’m enthusiastically supporting the 2016 edition of the Transgender Day Of Resources & Healthy Living which is geared specifically for the Houston area transgender and gender nonconforming community.

This is a free event for all who identify as transgender or gender nonconforming people and those who love them.

The purpose of this event is to provide a safe space where those who identify as transgender or gender nonconforming can gain access to knowledge for healthier living and much needed resources and workshops geared to assist people to navigate their transition journey in a safe and healthy way.

Some of the workshops that will be available during this event running from 10 AM-3 PM will cover name and gender marker changes and plastic surgery.

TDORHL2016 will take place this Saturday as I mentioned from 10-3 PM at the Montrose Center, so come check it out Houston area trans fam and allies.   It could save your life like it did mine and put you on the path to healthier living.   

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