2016 DNC Convention Day 2 Recap

Day 1 of #DNCinPhilly was contentious at times, but this was the day that eluded Hillary Clinton eight years ago and that sound you heard was the glass ceiling finally shattering.  

Move over boys, Hillary Clinton has now made history as the first woman to be nominated for president by a major party .  It was a long road to get to this point in American history with many women trying to do so but ultimately falling short of making that history.

Somewhere Ann Richards, Shirley Chisholm and Barbara Jordan are smiling because that glass ceiling she put 16 million cracks in back in 2008 has finally been broken.  

After Hillary Clinton narrowly missed the big prize in 2008, she finally made it happen in 2016.   Now if we can just get her to the point in November of calling her ‘Madame President’ instead of ‘Madame Secretary’.

The LGBT Caucus happened today, and one of the highlights of it was Barbra casbar Siperstein presenting the Jane Fee Award to Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA).

While some of the Bernie Sanders supporters are still upset about the fact that you can officially stop calling Clinton the presumptive nominee, the efforts continue in this convention space and beyond to get those folks who see the big picture of what needs to happen on November 8 to be totally on board with her instead of ‘I guess I’m with her.’

Some of the highlights of Day Two of the DNC besides the Roll Call of the States were speeches by the Mothers of the Movement  to the shouts in the Wells Fargo Center hall of ‘Black Lives Matter’

They pointed out that they trust Hillary Clinton , not Donald Trump to reduce racial tensions between police and the Black community because of her longtime commitment to social justice and urged people to vote for her.,

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright also took the stage to point out Trump’s problematic fawning over authoritarian leaders like Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong-un, who recently endorsed him.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) also repeated something I’ve been concerned about as a Kennedy baby who grew up during the Cold War and had to do duck and cover nuke attack drills in elementary school until 3rd grade.

 I don’t want Donald Trump’s paws and thin skinned behind near the US nuclear launch codes, and McAuliffe echoed my thoughts in terms of cautioning the nation about giving control of the nuclear launch codes to a man who praises Putin and Saddam Hussein

The speech by former Attorney General Eric Holder debunked the lies that Trump has been telling, and pointed out that violent crime has gone down since President Obama took office.

He went on to passionately endorse Hillary Clinton for president.,

The big speech of the night was given by our Democratic presidential nominees’ husband, who happens to have been the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton.

Bill talked about his wife, how they met and her lifetime of fighting for liberal progressive causes as his daughter Chelsea looked on from the arena box seats.

It was a side of her that many people, haven’t heard in terms of her undercover work in Alabama on behalf of Marian Wright Edelman to spike the tax exemptions for the racist private academies that sprang up across the South in order for white parents to avoid sending their kids to integrated schools.

It was nice hearing from Bill about how they got married before he launched into his case as to why she should become our 45th president.


And yeah, not only has the music been better at this convention, ,so has the star power.  

Day 2 of #DNCinPhilly completed, on to Day 3.

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