2016 DNC Convention- Day 1 Recap

What a first day for the #DNCinPhilly    Debbie Wasserman Schultz gets called out at the Florida delegation breakfast and subsequently resigns as chair of the DNC because of the drama stirred up by the Wikileaks hack.   Donna Brazile as a result becomes the interim chair of the DNC.

The Berners showing their assess in the Wells Fargo Center convention hall by booing Rep. Marcia Fudge, & Rep. Elijah Cummings, which isn’t sitting too well right now with the Ohio and Maryland delegations and Black Democrats like myself, and only adds to the pissivity we feel about Sanders supporters.

The Sandernistas were ranting on social media (and probably still are) claiming that Bernie was cheated out of the Democratic presidential nomination because the process was ‘rigged’.

Naw Bernie boo boo kitties, Hillary beat him, and he lost because he and his campaign team forgot that in Democratic Party primaries, #BlackVotersMatter.   Even your own peeps are admitting that the process wasn’t rigged.

They got mad at me on social media because I called them out about the #DNCinPhilly bigotry eruptions aimed at women and POC speakers.  Don’t care if you don’t like it and my block game on Twitter is strong once I get tired of playing with y’all.   Not happy about you dissing Black Democrats as y’all have done during this entire Democratic primary process, and gonna call out the Green Tea Party bigotry when I see it.

As for what network I’m watching for my DNC coverage, I’m predominately watching C-SPAN.  I got tired of the incessant CNN and MSNBC chatter about e-mails and Hillary’s ‘likeability’ and flipped it to C-SPAN at 3 PM CDT.  

They cover everything with no commercial interruptions and no talking heads commentary.

It was also cool seeing my New York homegirl Melissa Sklarz on stage with the rest of the New York delegation as they took to the stage to express their support for Sec. Clinton, who was their former junior US senator from 2001-2009

But once the speakers starting hitting the stage, the beautiful diversity of our party revealed itself.

We had more lesbian and gay peeps on stage in the first three hours of DNC 2016 once it was gaveled into session by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake than the Republicans had in their entire four day run in Cleveland.   We still have my trans sister Sarah McBride’s historic speech coming on Thursday.  She been getting a lot of media attention as this Time.com profile story attests to.

Speaking of trans people making history, was pleased to hear one of my trans sisters in the struggle in Marisa Richmond is doing so by serving as the DNC’s official convention timekeeper.

Congrats Marisa on this honor.  Will be paying closer attention to the podium for the rest of the DNC Convention

Loved the speech by my Texas homegirl Eva Longoria before she introduced Sen. Cory Booker to the stage.  

She is a longtime Democratic  Party activist, and was asked a few years ago to consider running for the US Senate in the Lone Star State which she declined for now.

Longoria had a few mic drop line of her own she talked about herself being a 9th generation Texan, and stated during her remarks ‘we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us.’

#NoLieDetected in that comment.    Also keeping up with all my Texas homies and homettes via their Facebook pages concerning their experiences at #DNCinPhilly

Speaking of speeches, besides the FLOTUS, loved Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s and Sen. Cory Booker’sspeeches despite the rude chanting by disgruntled Berners during them.

I also watched the Bernie Sanders speech waiting to see what he was going to say in support of Clinton.

Day One was one full of drama, and we’ll see starting at 3 PM CDT what happens during Day Two of the #DNCinPhilly.


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