2015 TransGriot NFL Picks-Week 8

Been a week of drama for my fave NFL team.   First owner Bob McNair asked for his $10,000 check back that he gave to the anti-HERO forces, then they got their behinds kicked by the Miami Dolphins for the first time ever in franchise history.  JJ Watt missed that game with a back injury, and Ryan Mallett missed the team charter flight and was subsequently cut from the team..

They resigned TJ Yates, who after Matt Schaub got hurt led them to their first playoff berth, and to the AFC Divisional round of the playoffs to back up Brian Hoyer.

Bob McNair says the season isn’t over, but if they drop this game to the Tennessee Traitors it probably is, even as weak as the AFC South has been.

We are now at the halfway point of the 2015 NFL season, and still have time to make my prognostication championship dreams happen.  But got to do better and that starts now.

14 more games with one more international one from London.

Teams on their bye week in Week 8 are Buffalo, Jacksonville, Philadelphia and Washington.

Week 7 Results                                         2015 Season Record.

TransGriot   8-6                                         TransGriot       67-38

Mike            9-5                                         Mike                70-35

Eli                8-6                                         Eli                    62-43

NFL Week 8 (Home team in CAPS)

Thursday Night

PATRIOTS over Dolphins

Sunday Noon

CHIEFS over Lions (from London)

RAVENS over Chargers

Cardinals over BROWNS

Vikings over BEARS

Bengals over STEELERS

TEXANS over Titans

Giants over SAINTS

RAMS over 49ers

FALCONS over Buccaneers

Sunday Afternoon

Jets over RAIDERS

Seahawks over COWBOYS

Sunday Night

Packers over BRONCOS

Monday Night

PANTHERS over Colts

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