2015 Texas Legislature Anti-Trans Bills Die!

Texas State Capitol Building at NightIt’s midnight, and a critical moment in the 2015 Texas Legislative session has just passed.

Any bills that were proposed in this legislative session had to be clear of the House or Senate chamber in which they were filed by midnight CDT or they died.

As many of you know the Republican majority had an ambitious anti-LGBT agenda in which 20 bills were filed.   Four of them were anti-trans ones that if passed, would have criminalized being trans in the Lone Star State and encouraged monetized bullying of Texas trans kids.

But with the passage of that midnight deadline, Rep Gilbert Pena’s (R-Pasadena) anti-trans bathroom bounty bills aimed at our kids HB 2801 and 2802, and Debbie Does Discrimination Riddle’s (R-Tomball) HB 1747 and HB 1748 are dead for this session!

However, it also means that good bills also die if they haven’t cleared the House or Senate, like Rep. Garnet Coleman’s (D-Houston) HB 2058 that would have streamlined the name change process for trans Texans.

We trans Texans and our allies can breathe a little easier in the Lone Star State that the bad anti-trans bills have died, but we can’t exhale until June 1

Until then, we must be vigilant.  The session isn’t done until June 1, and the legislators seeking to oppress TBLG Texans never sleep. 

These legislative oppressors will be looking for opportunities to tack those dead bills onto another piece of legislation further along in the legislative process.

And yes, just as we have had all throughout this , and we have people, organizations and fair minded legislators standing by on both sides of the aisle waiting to alert us and spring into action to kill it when they do. 

And if these anti-trans bills come back to life, as soon as I know, you will know.  But the clock and the days are inexorably ticking toward the June 1 sine die.

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