2011 UH Cougar Watch-Cougars Rising In BCS Rankings

The college football and sportscasting world may be ignoring us and our record setting quarterback for Heisman consideration but the University of Houston footballers continue to rise in the BCS, AP and USA Today coaches polls after our 73-34 victory over our crosstown rivals.

The Bayou Bucket is now back on the UH campus where it belongs.  As for you Cougar detractors drinking that burnt orange Hateraid and chomping those Hater Tots, bump y’all.   If y’all wanna hate on our schedule, tell DeLoss Dodds to stop being a coward and put us on the University of Texas schedule if we’re so beatable and C-USA is ‘weak’ in your not so football savvy opinions.   If you’re really feeling froggy, then leap and stop blocking our path into the Big XII.     

We can’t help it if you so called BCS conference big boys are ‘scurred’ to play us.. 

On to more positive stuff.   The Cougars moved up four spots from last week’s number 17 ranking in the BCS poll and are now sitting at number 13.  In the AP and USA Today Coaches UH moved up four spots on both those polls too. They are now sitting at number 14 in both polls and will attempt to achieve the best start in school pigskin history when they travel to Birmingham Saturday face the UAB Blazers at Legion Field.

Eat ’em up!

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