2011 Shut Up Fool Of The Year Nominations

Since 2008 I have been selecting a weekly winner of the TransGriot Shut Up Fool! Awards that shine a bright spotlight on the people or groups of people who have exhibited mind blowing stupidity and ignorance through the year.

The 2009 Shut Up Fool! Of The Year was Michael Steele, and the 2010 Shut Up Fool! of The Year winner was Sarah Palin.

It’s time for me to determine who will get the 2011 Shut Up Fool Of The Year, and I’ll announce the winner of the award on New Year’s Eve.  But I’d like a little reader input in terms of who you think deserves it and you can leave those nominations in the comment thread of this post, or hit me up on Twitter.

Just do so before December 30.   

So who will be revealed as the Shut Up Fool! of the Year award winner for 2011?  You’ll need to surf back to TransGriot on December 31 to find out.

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