2011 New Year’s Resolution Review: How Did Moni Do?

I have a tradition in which I post my New Year’s Resolutions on the blog so that I not only record them for reference later, at the end of the year I assess how well I did in meeting those goals I set at the beginning of the year.

Here were my 2011 Resolutionsand how well I did in fulfilling them.

*I will get to know five of my African descended trans elders.

Got to meet and have regular conversations with Sharyn Grayson, and Cheryl Courtney-Evans but still three short of that goal

* I will do a better job of documenting and telling the historical stories of my African American trans family.  

Did write a few posts on the blog telling the stories of Lady Java, Lucy Hicks Anderson and started a feature called th TransGriot Ten Questions interview in which I ask movers and shakers and interesting personalities in the chocolate trans community ten questions.   But there’s always room for improvement.

*I will do a better job of including the stories and voices of African American transmen on this blog.

It’s something I made strides at, but can always do much better than I’m doing right now.

*I will build on the progress started toward staying in regular contact
with and getting to know international transpeople and get to know five
more before the end of this year.

Getting to know Miss Sahhara in London, Marsha and Audrey in Kenya, added Mia to my lFB contacts and I’m on a Jamaican LGBT list.  Progress, but could do better.

*I will do more to get involved in Houston trans community life, do what
I can to expand that to the Houston African-American community and
encourage other African descended transpeople in the Houston area to do
so as well.

Mixed bag on that as well.  Attended a few more TG socials, the TDOR and the TTNS, but missed two of Vanity Wilde’s parties and the TG Unity Dinner.  Had initial contact with some African descended transpeople tying to get a POC trans group off the ground  .  

*I will have specific days set aside to do nothing but fiction writing
and do a better job of developing my fiction writing talents.

Wrote over 1500 blog posts this year….still not enough time set aside for fiction writing.


*I will mentor at least five young transpeople before the end of the year.

Well, started mentoring two.  One inside Texas and one outside the state.    Still three short.

*I will get one manuscript published before January 1, 2012

Made progress toward it, but no fiction book out in my name today.

*I will get an article published in a major magazine by January 1, 2012

Submitted pitches to several magazines, no takers yet…

*I will get to know five new transpeople before the end of the year.

Was successful in that regard.


So I aimed high with last year’s resolutions and even though I didn’t successfully complete them all, just attempting them made me a better person as this year begins. 

And isn’t that the goal when you make new year’s resolutions to begin with?

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