The polls open later today in the Tarheel State on the Amendment 1 ballot question to enshrine a same gender marriage ban (which by the way is already banned in the state) into North Carolina’s constitution.

“Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized.”  states the Amendment 1 language.

But it also goes one odious step further in addition to inserting the ban on same-sex marriage in the North Carolina Constitution.  

If Amendment 1 passes it would also frack with civil unions or any other form of “domestic legal union” for both gay and straight couples by banning those as well. .

North Carolina was the last of the old Confederate states that didn’t have a constitutional gay marriage ban to the disgust of the faith-based homobigots because it kept getting killed in committee when the Democrats controlled the state legislature. But when the Tea Klux Klan got control of the North Carolina legislature in the wake of the 2010 midterm elections, it opened the door for this to happen.

Elections matter, people.    Same gender marriage when it comes to a vote has lost 31 times, and unfortunately the polling coming out of North Carolina on the eve of this election isn’t looking good for the rainbow team.   But there’s always hope and the chance for an upset.  

To tell you how much this issue matters, I leave you with the wise words of the Rev Dr. William J. Barber II, the North Carolina NAACP president.    Dr. Barber breaks it down with a historical, moral and well-reasoned argument against these anti-gay marriage amendments. 

Please heed those words and defeat this unjust amendment, because no one’s civil rights should be put up for a vote by a misguided and hate filled majority.

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